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Why advertise on
  • The top site on for concert listings.
  • Many classical music websites show our interactive concert guide. These include Classical Music Magazine and BBC Music Magazine.
  • A dedicated mobile website for smart-phones and other small-screen devices.
  • Search engines often rank an advertisement on higher than a page on your own website.
  • View real time statistics for impressions and clicks – print a report at any time.
  • Worldwide, nationwide or local - readers may filter advertisements for their own city or town.
  • Invite colleagues to help run your account – you do not need to share your email address and password.
  • Link to pages on your own website to improve their ranking on Google and other search-engines.
  • Update your advertisement at any time.
  • You choose what to pay – the more you spend the higher your advertisement will appear in our interactive search results.
  • All Advertisements show full box office information and a link to any online booking service and remain listed until after the date of the concert.
  • Smart-Phone Quick Response (QR) Codes to print on fliers and advertisements.
How to advertise on
  • Register and create a Promoter Account.
  • Top-up your account with Credits.
  • 1 Credit costs £1.00 (GBP), approximately $1.30 (USD) and €1.20 (EUR).
  • Promoters resident in the UK and EU must also pay VAT. UK Charities may apply for Relief from VAT.
  • Significant savings are available if you buy in bulk using a Credit Card, Debit Card or Paypal.
You do it
  • Use our online wizard to prepare your advertisement.
  • The minimum charge for one advertisement is £3.00 + VAT. The more you spend on your advertisement the higher it will appear in our interactive listings.
We do it
  • Spend 20 or more Credits on your advertisement and we will, if you wish, prepare the advertisement for you.
  • If you do not have a Promoter Account please Register with us, create a Promoter Account and then buy a minimum of 20 Credits.
  • Let us know if the concert is advertised on your website or collate your information in an email, word document or text-based PDF (we need to be able to copy and paste).
  • Email your requirements to and include the name of your Promoter Account.
  • Attach any photograph or graphic to your email.
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