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  • We are one of the top sites on for concert listings and many similar searches.
  • Our concert listings are shown on other classical music websites including Classical Music Magazine.
  • A dedicated mobile website for smart-phones and other small-screen devices.
  • Search engines often rank an advertisement on higher than a page on your own website.
  • View real time statistics for impressions and clicks – print a report at any time.
  • Worldwide, nationwide or local - readers may filter advertisements for their own city or town.
  • Invite colleagues to help run your account – you do not need to share your email address and password.
  • Link to pages on your own website to improve their ranking on Google and other search-engines.
  • Update your advertisement at any time.
  • You choose what to pay – the more you spend the higher your advertisement will appear in our interactive search results.
  • All Advertisements show full box office information and a link to any online booking service and remain listed until after the date of the concert.
  • Smart-Phone Quick Response (QR) Codes to print on fliers and advertisements.
How to advertise on
  • Register and create a Promoter Account.
  • Top-up your account with Credits.
  • 1 Credit costs £1.00 (GBP), approximately $1.30 (USD) and €1.20 (EUR). No VAT.
  • Significant savings are available if you buy in bulk using a Credit Card, Debit Card or Paypal.
You do it
  • Use our online wizard to prepare your advertisement.
  • The minimum charge for one advertisement is £3.00. The more you spend on your advertisement the higher it will appear in our interactive listings.
  • Please get in touch if you would like us to prepare your concert listings for you.
Banner Advertisements
  • Banner adverts are shown on the right hand side on the main concert listing page.  They also appear on our mobile site. 
  • Banner ads are a great way to promote a festival, competition or series of concerts.
  • Ads need to be 200 x 200 pixels exactly and can be .jpg, .gif or .png format.  Ads are shown in random order.
  • Upload your banner yourself in the Banner Ads area.
  • Cost is £30 or 30 credits per month.
  • Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


28 December 2023 - Website maintenance completed

The site went live today on a new web server. We think everything is working as normal, but if you do spot anything not working as normal, please let us know!  Thank you! 

best wishes

Tim and the Concert Diary Team


11 August 2023 - Google Maps

We had a problem with the maps provided by Google for a couple of days. 
These should now be working OK.


15 April 2022 - Banner ad improvements

You can now submit your own banner ads.
Banner ads appear on the right hand side on the main concert listing page.  They are also shown on the mobile site.
They are a good way to promote a festival or series of concerts.
To add an advert, log in and click on the Banner Ads tab.
The cost is £30 or 30 credits per month. 
You can swap your banner ad for another one as often as you like during your chosen period. 



8 October 2021 - Banner ads on main concert listing page

Your banner advert can be shown on the right hand side on the main concert listing page.
It's a great way to promote a festival, competition or series of concerts.
Ads need to be 200 x 200 pixels exactly and can be .jpg, .gif or .png format. Ads are shown in random order.
Please email your banner to Cost is £30 per month.


31 October 2020 - Site maintenance

The site be unavailable from 6pm tonight for several hours for scheduled maintenance. 


7 October 2020 - Update - support for UK musicians:

To support musicians in the current crisis, we will cover the cost of promoting concerts until the end of the year. 

Please get in touch through the site to ask for free credits to promote your concerts.

This applies to both online concerts and concerts with audience.


3 September 2020 - Online Concerts:

Many concerts are now streamed online live, and then available online for a period of time.

When promoting your concert on Concert Diary, you can now enter the "Available Online until" date.  Your listing will stay live until this date.  Make sure you flag the concert as "Online" at step 5.

List of Online Concerts


7 August 2020 - Credit refunds:

Today we processed refunds for all cancelled / postponed concerts in June and July. 


10 June 2020 - Online Concerts:

Our home page now shows online concerts. There's also an option to view "All concerts". 

We would like to offer as much help as possible to promoters at this difficult time.  If you have online concerts that you would like to promote, let us know and we will add some credits to your account to cover the cost of the advertisement. 

best wishes


(updated 22 June)


12 May 2020 - Credit refunds:

Yesterday we processed refunds for all cancelled / postponed concerts in April. 

The credits used on these concerts have been placed back in your accounts and can be used to promote a future concert.  You can see the credit refunds in the Buy Credits .. Credit allocations section.  The April refunds are dated 11 May 2020.  The March refunds were done on 16 April.

best wishes



1 May 2020 - Change of site ownership:

On 1 May 2020, Classical Concerts Ltd. purchased the Concert Diary website from Alberon Ltd.

The site will continue to operate as before with one exception: concert promoters will no longer be charged VAT!

The site will continue to be run by the same people. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch using the Contact form.

best wishes

Tim Ault 
Concert Diary / Classical Concerts Ltd


31 March 2020 - Coronavirus Update - email sent to site members

Dear Concert Promoter

In view of the challenging times we find ourselves in, we have decided to refund full credits for concerts which have needed to be postponed or cancelled because of the coronavirus.

Please could you log into the site and mark your concerts as postponed or cancelled by editing the listing title.
You can see examples here of how to do this here:

Over the coming days we will work through and refund your credits into your accounts.
Once live concerts resume again you will be able to use the credits for a future concert.

If your cancelled concert was in March, you will no longer be able to edit the title.
Instead, please reply to this email giving the concert title and date and we'll do our best to sort things out for you.

with best wishes
Tim Ault
Concert Diary
Classical Concert Listings


20 January 2020 - Change of site ownership

On 20 January 2020 Alberon Ltd., purchased the Concert Diary website from Concert Diary Ltd.

The Concert Diary website will continue to operate as before. You can continue to submit concerts in the usual way. Any advertisements submitted before 20 January 2020 will continue to be displayed. Any credits purchased before 20 January 2020 remain valid. The minimum charge to place one advertisement remains £3.00, plus VAT when payable.

I'm pleased that Richard is going to continue as advertisement editor.

We would like to thank Steve Smith for the service he has provided to concert goers, promoters and performers over the last 20+ years and for entrusting the Concert Diary website to us.

Tim Ault and the team at Alberon